Starting a business? Hiring your first employee? Make sure you do these things!

Starting a business? Hiring your first employee? Make sure you do these things: Application for the employee to fill out Background check to confirm their information Find out if your rate of pay [...]


How Joe Carfagno Helped Bai Brands Scale Their Business from 5 to 50 Employees

Starting a business is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many tasks to be done, and it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. HR tasks, in particular, can [...]


Welcome Jim Sullivan

Please join me in welcoming Jim Sullivan to Team Clear!  Jim joined Clear recently as a Broker Relationship Manager where he will be working closely with Katie Gardler to find and bring new [...]


PEO For Small Businesses

By providing payroll, benefits, and HR services and assisting with compliance issues under state and federal law, PEOs allow small businesses to improve productivity and profitability, to focus [...]


How to Implement a Work From Home Program for Your Company

Nearly 75% of millennials expect flexible working conditions 68% of recent graduates say that being able to work remotely will impact their decision to accept a position. Applicants come with a [...]


FLSA Administrative Exemptions: What They Are, When They Appear, And How to Use Them

Department of Labor Clarifies Scope of FLSA’s Administrative Exemption The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) codifies the employment relationship as it relates to the payment of [...]


What to Expect from OSHA on COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Rules

Businesses with at least 100 employees will soon be required to mandate that employees get vaccinated against the coronavirus or submit to weekly testing. Here’s what employers need to [...]


What Americans need to know about the SECURE Act 2.0

How you save for retirement may change soon, thanks to a big new bill wending its way through Congress. Remember the SECURE Act? Taking effect at the beginning of 2020, it made a series of [...]


How to Encourage New Ideas from Your Team

Marketers have the exciting — and often challenging — task of generating a steady stream of creative campaign ideas for their companies or clients. One person alone can’t come [...]


The Only One-On-One Meeting Checklist You Will Ever Need

Too often, managers shy away from one-on-one meetings because they don’t know how to structure them or how to have difficult conversations. Plus, it’s Outline: The Only One-On-One [...]

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