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The best way for your business to become more competitive…

Given today’s constantly changing business environment, business owners need help managing the increasingly complex world of employee-related issues. Does the very thought of another workers’ compensation issue or the risk of payroll tax noncompliance keep you up at night?

The solution? Outsourced Human Resources.

You can stay focused on the things that matter to your organization. The activities that significantly impact your bottom line, by divesting yourself of the burden of human resource administration. We provide outsourced human resources, payroll, workers’ compensation, and benefits administration.

You get the benefits of:

  • Benefits administration
  • Reduced liability
  • Maintained compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Reduced payroll “burden”
  • Less administrative tasks
  • A professional onboarding process for new hires
  • Improved employee retention through an expanded benefits offering

We have Been There!

For over 21 years TeamLink has been providing privately owned businesses in many different industries a comprehensive solution to managing their human resource responsibilities. The majority of your business’ cumbersome and time-consuming HR tasks get shifted to a dedicated team of HR specialists. Our team will study your needs and then provide the proper guidance. Our approach to outsourced human resources is unique and has been proven effective for many industries.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your company through outsourced human resources then TeamLink is the perfect fit for your organization.

Founded in 1995, TeamLink provides Fortune 500-level human resource services to our clients and their employees in over 40 states. We excel at helping companies with workforces ranging in size from 10 to 200 employees.

Our team of experienced HR and tax professionals provide our clients with a variety of human resource services. When you become a client of TeamLink, you outsource the bulk of your routine HR responsibilities, including:

Human Resources Services

  • Human resources consultations and solutions
  • Employee handbooks
  • Documenting personnel problems and disciplinary actions
  • Human resources audit
  • Human resources policies and procedures
  • Legally required postings
  • Assistance with state unemployment claims, hearings & appeals
  • Employment law compliance assistance
  • Pre-employment screening assistance
  • Human resource forms
  • Drug testing policies and procedures
  • Employee file retention and maintenance
  • Maintain leave records

Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management

  • Procurement of coverage
  • Eliminate workers’ compensation down payment
  • Eliminate annual payroll audit and premium adjustments
  • Work site safety inspections and recommendations
  • Risk management plan
  • Safety manuals
  • Assistance with safety meetings
  • Workers’ compensation claims processing
  • Claims management
  • Claims investigations
  • Post-accident drug testing
  • Coordinating return to work programs
  • OSHA compliance assistance

Employee Benefits Administration

  • Dental & vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Short term disability insurance
  • Supplemental benefits
  • Section 125 plan
  • 401K retirement plan
  • Open Enrollment
  • Additions and deletions
  • Premium recalculation
  • Premium remittance
  • COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA administration, ACA Compliance
  • Section 125 administration
  • Retirement plan administration
  • Supplemental benefits administration

Payroll Administration

  • Process direct deposits & payroll checks
  • Payroll federal, state & local tax payment & liability
  • Tax form filings including 940, 941 & state unemployment W-2s and W-3
  • Process garnishments
  • Payroll management reports
  • Reconcile payroll transactions

When you partner with TeamLink you don’t have to invest your most valuable resource, your time! Mundane tasks like tracking payroll or handling benefit claims are shifted to our professional staff. Best of all, you don’t have to hire additional staff to manage your HR.

TeamLink uses a state-of-the art payroll processing software that provides maximum security and the most efficient payroll. We have the ability to create checks, offer direct deposit, maintain payroll records, and handle all tax deposits. In addition, we can respond directly to your employees whenever they have benefits questions or concerns.

Utilizing an Automated Clearing House (ACH) system we will debit your business bank account automatically, freeing you from check-writing. Plus, the responsibility for tax payments and filings falls on our team of experts, freeing you from this burden.

The bottom line: Teamlink provides Fortune 500-level human resource services and benefit packages. Our two decades of knowledge and experience will help your employees as well as increase your bottom line.

The Team


Fran Hamilton
Client Services

As Director of Operations, Fran oversees all human resource functions and is responsible for accounting and administering the 401k plans. She is also the resident expert on commuter benefits, internal payables and receivables, managing the accounts, and the payment of all federal and state taxes. On top of all that, Fran is also the benefit administrator for all our clients.

Fran’s contribution in helping business owners with payroll taxes is unique: “Our clients would prefer not to deal with payroll related taxes. I am happy to take that off their plate. I would much rather have our clients spend time growing their business than worrying about tax deadlines.”

Fran is a member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and has received the Professional Human Resources Certification from the H.R. Certification Institute. In addition, Fran has also completed the Fairleigh Dickinson HR Professional Development Program.

“I am happy to be a partner to business owners who occasionally have employee-related issues and need assistance.”


Carolynn O’Connell
Senior Client Services Representative

Carolynn has been with Teamlink since 2003. In her role as the Senior Client Services Representative, Carolynn interacts with clients and employees on a daily basis. Her expertise and experience are related to Human Resource areas, such as:
Payroll processing, Unemployment, Backgrounds Checks, Benefits including Vision, Dental and Life, New hire reporting, COBRA, Short Term Disability, Workers’ Comp, Overall Customer Service

“My role is very diverse, which is why I love it. Every day is something different.”

Carolynn went to business school and began her career in business administration with two major insurance companies before joining TeamLink in the payroll/HR aspect.

A brief history of professional employer organizations, also commonly referred to as PEO’s

  • Professional Employer Organizations or PEO’s have been in operation for over 30 years
  • There are over 700 PEO’s servicing businesses in all 50 states
  • Forty percent of businesses that utilize a PEO upgrade their benefits package as a result
  • PEO’s help tens of thousands of companies provide benefits such as health care plans, 401k tax-free savings accounts, and other perks to working Americans
  • Between 1980 and 2000, the number of labor related laws grew by nearly two-thirds
  • Owners of small or mid-sized business spent up to a 25% of their time on employment-related paperwork
  • Average cost of government paperwork and tax compliance for small businesses with less than 500 employees: $5,000 per employee per year
  • Businesses with fewer than 20 employees pay 60% higher compliance costs – $6,795 per employee per year


One of the benefits of working at Teamlink HR is the daily interaction that we get to enjoy with some truly amazing businesses and their people. Seldom does a day go by when we aren’t busy instructing a co-employee of an enhancement to their dental plan, how to understand their recent statement, or assistance getting a copy of a tax form. All TeamLink associates strive to provide excellent service, communication, and follow up to our clients and their employees.

But don’t just take our word on this; here are some actual testimonials we have received from a few of our clients.

  • “Just wanted to say thank you and let you know you are one of the few people in my life that truly make things easier for me!  Thanks for all you do!!!”
  • “I used to think co-employment was confusing and expensive. I have found the opposite is true working with TeamLink HR. We have a better clarity because we no longer have to deal with administration issues, payroll management, state and federal tax compliance, and all that record keeping. Even our new hires are impressed when they see our new level of professionalism in their onboarding process and employee manuals. We highly recommend their services”.
  • “Being able to solely focus on growing my top line revenue has had an enormous impact on my company. TeamLink allows me to stay organized with my human resources needs and is adept at solving the challenges that arise. Best off all our sales are up 12% over last year!”
  • “My workers comp costs used to keep me up at night. Now my employees enjoy an expanded benefits offering which has improved retention and I have a much better workers comp expenditure.”
  • “Administrating human resources is not our core competency or what we want to focus on. TeamLink allows us to stay on track and do what we do best.”
  • “By eliminating the tedious HR responsibilities we found that we are now free to focus on core competencies and grow our business. Equally important though was having access to a higher caliber benefits packages then we could have gotten on our own. Teamlink HR  offers our employees Fortune 500 quality benefits and that has attracted more skilled workers. Working through Teamlink HR has provided us with advanced HR services such as conducting professional candidate interviews, preparing employee handbooks, and solidifying company policies.”
  • “It is such a pleasure to work with all of you fine folk at TeamLink. I appreciate everything that you do for us. You are always there when we need you. Keep up the great work! We are very satisfied. And one of these days (I still promise), I am going to stop by and say hello to all of you! I just need to be in your area, and that does not happen very often. But it does happen occasionally.”

415 Madison Avenue, 14th and 15th Floor, New York, NY 10017

2080 Cabot Boulevard West, Suite 202, Langhorne, PA 19047