Take Your Child to Work Day Tips and Free Tools

Not long after they begin preschool, we start asking kids ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ It’s a long way from pre-K to a career; exposing children to a variety of jobs ultimately helps them make good choices. Enter Take Your Child to Work Day.

Celebrated this year on Thursday April 26th, Take Your Child to Work Day helps all children learn what their parents do, think about work and family life, and envision their futures. For small businesses, it sends an important message: our business is progressive, committed to education and above all, dedicated to employees and their families.

Don’t have time to plan? We’ve put together a checklist of ideas along with worksheets to keep kids engaged.

Also consider:

  • Start the day with a workplace tour.
  • Introduce children all around to make them feel special.
  • Host a pizza party for everyone and let the kids serve.
  • Designate an employee as your photographer.  Let the kids print out pictures and make a scrapbook or an online photo album to share.
  • Remember to post the photos on your company’s social media channels.