Like most nonprofit executives who are focused on fundraising, image building, advocacy and program delivery, Carolyn Spector doesn’t have an HR department, let alone the time to focus on HR challenges such as changing employment laws, benefit plans and recruitment. But the organization she leads is growing. Finding and keeping top talent is an important goal. Providing health insurance for her staff is a major priority. So too is saving time on HR administration.

Established in 1951, myFace is dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with facial disfigurement. With a special focus on children and their families, myFace funds medical, surgical, dental and psychosocial services as well as research and public awareness.

With Spector at the helm as Executive Director, myFace has doubled its staff in three years.

“It’s challenging for a small group to offer good health insurance that isn’t cost prohibitive. That was the impetus for hiring a PEO,” she says. “With CLEAR, we have two great health plans and every employee is given a choice. They also have options like life insurance, a health advocate, a flex plan. I like having the option to craft the benefit plans that we want for our employees.”

CLEAR saves myFace a tremendous amount of time according to Spector. “Payroll is seamless. It takes me a few minutes every other week. And if there’s ever an issue, it’s resolved in 15 minutes.”

myFace has worked with several PEOs, from one where the owner took off and left it with no funds, to another that wouldn’t renew the nonprofit after a year. “Most people don’t know what a PEO is and are surprised when they find out. It’s been a lifesaver for us. My advice is to choose carefully. It can be a great experience, and it is with CLEAR.”

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