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December 9, 2021

News about Group Business

Reminder: The Clear PEO is a great solution for growing businesses


Partnering with Clear Employer services since 2018

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a co‑employment arrangement in which small‑ to mid‑sized employers receive an array of HR services and access to enhanced employee benefits. This allows business owners to focus their efforts on the core business itself, including operations, strategy, and innovation.

Since 2018, Independence has partnered with industry leader Clear Employer Services to assist companies looking to outsource HR‑related functions. As part of the PEO, smaller employers can access Large Group products and pricing, while the PEO handles:

  • HR admin
  • Payroll/taxes
  • Benefits
  • Safety/workers comp
  • 401(k)
  • Legal compliance
  • Employee files and records
  • Issues resolution
  • Pay wages
  • Recruitment/discipline support

Clear Employer Services channel partner contest — Go Birds!

Clear Employer Services is holding a sales contest; the winner will receive two tickets for an upcoming pro football game in South Philly! There is no requirement to enter. Every broker/producer that sells PEO plans is eligible. The winner of the contest will be the producer who sells the most lives/employees across the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York sales territories by January 1, 2022. The lives could come from one big sale or multiple smaller sales. The winning channel partner will get two tickets to the January 9th game against Dallas. For more information, call Louis Hayner, Clear CRO, at 856‑803‑0989 or email him at

Clear Employer Services Case Study

Here is an example of the opportunity available for brokers engaged with selling Clear PEO:

  • Savings upon renewal — ABC Company’s annual proposed renewal costs $175,092, while Clear’s cost is $150,514, for an annual savings of $24,577. The proposed healthcare from Clear/IBX’s comparable cost is an additional cost of $5,627.87 per year.
  • Customer wanted IBX healthcare — The best healthcare plans in the Delaware Valley were made available, and the customer could work with their same broker.
  • Customized White Glove Customer Service — Clear assigned dedicated HR resources so the broker team could focus on scaling business. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our response timelines. Our average client tenure is over 7 years.
  • Controlled Operational Expenses/Low Healthcare Renewals — Clear averages a 5 percent increase per year in healthcare expenses for the past 6 years. Last year, Clear had a 0 percent increase with IBX. Unlike other national PEOs, we are very conservative with the clients that we bring onto our master plans. We only take on clients that are the right fit and do not have external investors, allowing our clients to enjoy low‑to‑no‑increase healthcare renewals because we do not take excessive risk to grow top‑line revenue.

How the Clear solution differs

Independence’s goal was to create a broker‑friendly PEO model to help simplify administration, maximize effectiveness, and minimize training needed for brokers. Our PEO offering through Clear provides several advantages:

  • Access to Independence’s network and Large Group products and pricing
  • Opportunity to protect against being cut out from other payroll and PEO solutions
  • Reasonable, flat‑rate PEO administrative fees for your customers
  • Work with broker‑friendly partners that do not compete in traditional markets
  • Opportunity to remain involved with account after transitioning to PEO

About Clear Employer Services

Clear Employer Services provides organizations with outstanding customer service, transparency, and value through a full suite of HR outsourcing solutions. Founded in 2015 by former ADP Executive Joe Carfagno, Clear has offices in four states and services clients with employees throughout the United States, headquartered in Bucks County, PA.

For more information, call Louis Hayner, Clear CRO, at 856‑803‑0989 or email him at