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    There’s no doubt about it: maximizing your human capital is
    key to your bottom line. Hiring a PEO that provides outstanding
    employee benefits, accurately handles administrative tasks such
    as payroll, and helps develop and engage your people, is a crucial
    decision. You can depend on CLEAR as your trusted advisor and partner.



    Best Value


    Outsourcing any function has to be cost effective. CLEAR Employer
    Services has the best value in the market. The size of our business
    and the quality of our staff allows us to operate most efficiently—so
    we can pass savings on to our clients.


    Outstanding Customer Service


    We start by sitting down with you and creating a customized, 360-degree
    plan that identifies your needs and how to address them. Your CLEAR account
    representative visits once a month (or more if needed)—to ascertain that
    your priorities are being addressed, to answer all of your questions and
    to plan your next move.


    Your CLEAR team member is backed by your own customer account team
    that has deep knowledge in everything from employment law to the
    Affordable Care Act to flexible spending accounts and more.


    Most important, we are always accessible. When you call CLEAR, you
    won’t get a customer service call center. You’ll get a local member
    of your account team, guaranteed.


    Your HR Partner


    If you have a human resources department, we work hand in hand with
    your team, supporting them with tasks such as employment verification
    and employee handbooks. If you don’t, we can help fill the void.




    There are no hidden fees in your billing. We provide line-item
    invoices that are absolutely clear and easy to understand. And we
    charge a flat rate per employee with no add-ons.


    Fortune 500 Benefits


    Want to offer employee benefits that rival those of a major corporation?
    CLEAR delivers for you. We offer a variety of outstanding national
    health plans and total coverage including dental, vision, employee
    assistance and a health advocate.


    You’ll also be able to provide your employees with an elite 401K plan,
    flexible spending accounts and a perks program of $2,000+, with
    discounts on entertainment and travel, car insurance, life
    insurance, pet insurance and more.