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    Your PEO is your business partner, your valued advisor and an extension of your staff. It’s vital that you know what to expect, and have the right fit for your company.


    What to look for in a PEO?

    Complete service and capabilities

    Make sure your PEO can advise you on everything from ACA to employee benefits to employment law.

    An experienced team

    Who are the business owners and who will be assigned to your account team? You deserve to work with experts who have deep knowledge of the industry.

    Personal service

    It’s essential that you have easy access to your account team and that your employees have support online and in person. This is a good place to ask how employees will get their questions answered. Drill down. Will the PEO call insurance companies on behalf of your employees?

    Online tools

    Be sure to see a demonstration of the online portal and determine if and how it can be customized to your
    business’s specific needs.

    Reputation and reliability

    Understand the company’s history, its accreditations and certifications.

    Transparent fees and billing

    Have your prospective PEO show you an invoice and explain each line item.